Wetland Construction

This week the NPMs worked on reconstructing the wetlands. We were lucky enough to  watch enviroscience reshape two wetlands that were not very practical, due to the steep hill into three wetlands that flow into one another. A berm was developed to intiate the flow of water. Two jobs were especially important in the maintenance of the reconstructed wetland. One set of NPMs exterminated the invasive narrow-leaved cattails that were invading the wetland. The other group of NPMs picked seeds from specific wetland species, and scattered them across the recosntructed wetland area. After planting all of the seeds around the new wetland, we received bales of hay and grass seed mix. Once the grass seed was thoroughly distributed, hay was layed down. We look forward to visiting the reconstructed wetlands in the fall to see the progress.   Figure 1: completed wetland Figure 2: completed wetland   Photos courtesy of James Degroff  

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